AAVLP Vaccines

2A Pharma is a Swedish/Danish biopharmaceutical company focused on discovering, developing and commercialising novel, cost effective prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines based on our patented AAVLP Platform.

About Us

The story of the technology behind our company started in 2005 when John Nieland, then Head of Immunology at Medigene AG, and colleagues Markus Hörer and Hildegard Büning discovered how to replace the peptides on the surface of a modified adeno virus with antigens to induce and enhance the specific antibody immune response. The AAVLP inventions were patented in the following years, but the potential was never commercialised as Medigene focused on other projects and John Nieland left the company to pursue new opportunities.

In 2014 John Nieland joined Professor Søren Nielsen at Aalborg University and the idea to develop a company around AAVLP was again ignited. John Nieland and Søren Nielsen approached Medigene with their idea and started the discussions about an in-licensing agreement while also exploring funding options. During this process, the team was expanded to include Preben Bruun-Nyzell.

2A Pharma AB was founded on 12 December 2016 in Malmö, Sweden with Søren Nielsen as CEO, John Nieland as COO and Preben Bruun-Nyzell as CFO. Shortly thereafter, the company’s first employee, Jeanette Prangsgaard, joined as Project Manager for our lead project.


We have chosen to develop a range of vaccines to showcase the potential of our AAVLP platform.

Our lead vaccine candidate, a broad coverage prophylactic HPV vaccine formulated without adjuvants, is at the clinical stage (first volunteer in mid-December 2018). We have six additional projects at pre-clinical proof-of-principle stage and several R&D projects underway.

We have achieved this strong pipeline by a combination of internal development work and collaboration with academic and non-academic partners.

We are interested in additional partnerships to further develop the existing pipeline or new vaccines of mutual interest.

The 2A Pharma Team


Søren Nielsen


John Nieland


Preben Bruun-Nyzell


Jeanette Prangsgaard

Project Manager