2A Pharma is attending the 23rd World Vaccine Congress Europe

Aalborg – We are thrilled to announce that Preben and Jeanette will attend the 23rd World Vaccine Congress Europe, which will be held in Barcelona from October 11-14.

During the congress, Preben and Jeanette will share more details about the preliminary proof-of-concept studies and the development of our active vaccine against EpCAM+ cancers, which was developed using phage display and next generation sequencing to identify innovative epitopes that mimics the target protein.

About World Vaccine Congress Europe
World Vaccine Congress Europe is one of the largest conferences. The conference brings together experts from all over the world to encourage collaboration and share knowledge. People working in manufacturing, clinical trials, as well as immune profiling will attend.

About 2A Pharma
2A Pharma’s is a small Swedish-Danish biotech company. Our mission is to develop novel, cost-effective prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines based on our innovative, patented AAVLP platform to give patients and their families hope and relief for conditions where there currently is none.

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