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 A virus being attacked by antibodies generated by immunisation with a virus-like particle vaccine

Our Story

2A Pharma’s history starts in 2005 when John Nieland, then Head of Immunology at Medigene AG together with colleagues Markus Hörer and Hildegard Büning, discovered how to replace peptides on the surface of a modified adenovirus with sequences of interest, to induce and enhance a specific antibody response.

This meant that the modified adenovirus – also called adeno associated virus-like particle (AAVLP) could be delivered inside the body, looking like an actual virus, creating an immune response but without being pathogenic.

The nature of the AAVLP would activate both the bodies innate and adaptive immune responses, exploiting the efficacy of the individual’s own immune system.

These adeno-associated virus-like particles (AAVLP) inventions were patented in later years, however the potential was never commercialised, due to Medigene’s decision to focus on other projects, and John Nieland left the company to pursue other opportunities.

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2A Pharma is always on the lookout for talented people who can help us progress our vaccine R&D. If this is your passion and you think you have relevant experience, please contact us at info@2apharma.com