Jeanette Prangsgaard speaks about clinical trials

On November 4, Jeanette Prangsgaard held a presentation at the ‘Clinical Trials’ even, organised by Synapse – Life Science Connect Aalborg.

Jeanette spoke about clinical trials, what they entail, and what her role is in the process of the development of our prophylactic HPV vaccine, to pique the interest of students and recent graduates.

Jeanette: “It’s an honour to inspire young students and especially to open their eyes to career opportunities in Aalborg and Northern Jutland within this field of work. I will encourage all students to join an event to explore their future prospects.”

The aim of the event is to bridge the gap between academia and the life sciences industry as well as to show students and recent graduates how a future career could look.

Over Synapse
Synapse – Life Science Connect is a non-profit, student-led organisation that organises events, workshops, and networking opportunities for students and recent graduates interested in pursuing careers in the life sciences industry. They want to bridge the gap between academia and life science industry.